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If you’re looking for a way to give your flyer, brochure, or business card that “edge”, one of the simplest solutions is to get folding.

When compared to a flat design, folded materials have much more visual interest that gets your message seen.   Folding works for business cards, brochures, folders, flyers, leaflets; if it can be printed on paper or card stock it can be folded.

There’s more than one way to fold of course.  Ready to get folding? Let’s dig in.


The most basic type of fold, if you want a simple design you might choose the half fold.  When stood up the half-fold is clear and easy to understand.


The most common type of fold for letter sized brochures.  The paper is folded twice into thirds giving you 6 panels to work with.  Both flaps are folded inwards over the center panel to close the document.


Also known as a concertina or accordion.  It’s similar to a tri-fold as it has 6 panels, instead of folding into the center however it folds back on itself.  The z-fold stands up well and looks stylish when presented, you also get two front covers to work with.

The z-fold can also be extended into an 8-panel “accordion fold”, a little like a double Z, if you have enough information.

Gate fold

Common for brochures, catalogs, and covers.

Features one large center panel in the center with two panels folded on the left and right to meet in the middle – these panels open and close like a gate.

Roll/Barrel fold

Every page rolls in on itself, you might have 3 parallel folds or more, if there are more than 6 you continue rolling inwards.

Choosing the right fold requires time and careful consideration.  Before you decide on the right type of fold, you first need to consider how much content you have to present, and how it can be broken down meaningfully.  Consider any special offers, maps, front and back covers, and how much room you might need.

Most of the marketing materials we print can be organized into one of these folds.  Contact our print shop to discuss your printing ideas today.

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