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Top tips to reduce print run costs 

Do you have a tight marketing budget that’s impacting your next printing run?  You can still produce high value prints and keep the costs down, without compromising on quality.

We like to help our customers produce the best quality print items for their budget.  We’ve put together some ways you can keep print run costs down. If you’d like to discuss further options don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Choose a lower paper weight

Different paper weights have different price tags attached to them.  Higher paper weights cost more but have a more luxurious feel, like 100# premium brochures.  Instead of making the whole brochure 100# however, you can keep costs down by using 70# paper for the inside pages.  Not all stationery needs to be printed on premium quality paper to make an impact.  With a good design you can still make an impression.

Talk to us about choosing the right paper weight for your budget and what you’re looking to achieve: (203) 876-1822.

Choose black and white

Most of our print products are printed in color by default, however it may be suitable for you to use a monochrome look instead, helping to bring the costs down.  Simply designed flyers and posters can still look as good in black and white as they do in color.

If you are considering black and white over color, then be sure to check the proof first to ensure there are no surprises.

Print one sided

Not everything needs to be printed on two sides.  ID cards, flyers, document corners and presentation folders can look just as good printed on only one side.

Single-sided printing isn’t suitable for everything, but it can work and help you manage your costs.

Hack tip – Make use of the back side by selling it as advertising space to other businesses – where appropriate of course.

Group orders together

Combining orders now can save money in the long term.  It’s often better to group orders into one larger one. Grouping orders means:

  • Access to higher quality discounts
  • Pay once for delivery
  • Quicker production times

Combining orders isn’t always possible but it’s a good cost cutting strategy to consider when it’s practical to do so.

Order ahead of time

Planning ahead can help to keep costs lean by avoiding rush fees, express delivery and second-runs to correct mistakes.  There’s often a mad rush toward Black Friday, Christmas and other key marketing dates with businesses who have left their print runs to the last minute.

When you need to plan for your next marketing campaign try to get the print materials ready early so have time to work through any problems before they start costing you money.

Talk to us

We are here to help.  We can advise you on ways to economize your printing with us while still getting what you need.

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