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As a restaurant owner, your menu is among the most essential items. It does not matter whether yours is a fast-food restaurant, a country pub, or just a regular restaurant, the type of menu you have makes a statement about you and your restaurant.  It’s one of the first things people see when they come in, or indeed stand outside your restaurant.  There is an array of menu printing ideas to choose from, some of which will even propel your business and establish your brand.

Below are some of the best menu printing ideas:

Outdoor Displays

When you display a well-designed menu in the streets, it will be easier for customers to see what you offer at a glace; many people don’t want to commit to entering a restaurant until they know for sure they want to sit down and eat there. If they like what they see they’ll be lured to step inside and have a glimpse of what you offer; otherwise they may have just walked on by. They will already be having a clear picture in mind of what you offer.

Placemat Menus

Mainly used for children, placemat menus are specifically designed with additional inclusions such as puzzles and art activities, all to lure them into a restaurant for a meal; and bring them back again. Even though they are not so appropriate for a formal restaurant, these menus can come in handy for a casual dining setting. The good thing about them is that they have plenty of space for new dishes, offers, and promotions.

Online Menus

Just like the name suggests, online menus are used to promote your business on the internet. It acts as an outdoor menu, but this time serving the online crowd. The only difference is that for online menus, you are not only trying to lure people who want to eat at that moment but those who want to eat later too!

Flyers and leaflets

These two can prove very helpful, especially during such a period where food delivery services are skyrocketing. They are small and interactive, meaning that you can efficiently distribute them in letterboxes, bags, and even the pocket. When a customer has a leaflet menu at home, it will be easier for them to decide and place an order for your food, making them suitable for restaurants offering deliveries.

Tent Cards/Table Talkers

Have you ever entered a restaurant, and just before you decide on what to order, you get a highlight of the day’s specials, discounts, and promotional offers? How efficient is that? Table talkers provide the perfect solution instead of designing a new menu now and then.
Table talkers are prompted in 3D, making them conspicuous enough to display your daily menus and deals. Additionally, they can stand on their own, making it easy for them to grab the customers’ attention.

Cycle Menu

This is a menu that has a part (or whole) of it with repeated options over a specific period. They work best for restaurants that offer different deals daily, for example, a sandwich shop offering a particular sandwich on Monday, another sandwich on Tuesday, and so on for a week.


There are different types of menus to choose from. However, you have to keep in mind the fact that not every menu will fit your restaurant. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the most suitable one and implement it. If done correctly, it will improve customer experience and cement your position.

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