How to get more people to open your business letters

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea that the contents of your mail are what’s really important, but until that letter gets opened it’s the envelope that matters most.  Spending a little time thinking about your business envelopes can make a tangible difference to how quickly and frequently your letters are opened.

Here are some ideas to help you to make your business envelopes more effective:

Do you need a window?

If you’re always going to show an address it’s best to go with a window style envelope; an address sticker never looks as good.

If you won’t always need the window you can usually save money be printing the window and windowless envelopes at the same time.  Consider that window envelopes can be more cost-effective for invoicing, and non-window can be better for correspondence letters.

Should you use premium paper?

With cheaper paper there’s a greater chance of your letter being considered as “Junk Mail”, premium paper can fix this. Envelopes with premium paper demand greater respect and if you’re promoting a premium brand or product then this will work in your favor.   It is worth considering that in some situations premium paper is not appropriate, for instance in larger campaigns where the costs may outweigh the benefit.  You may prefer to keep premium envelopes for smaller campaigns instead, though every business should make their own decision on this.

Add a little color

The problem with mail is that most envelopes are the exact same size, and look exactly the same.  Add a little color to the front or back to make your envelope stand out and encourage it to be opened.  Make use of small statements, offers and facts.  Or add a graphic to add some visual interest.

Switch up the size

It can be hard for your letter to get noticed when it looks the same as every other.  Instead of the standard #10 sized envelope consider going for 6 x 9.  It costs the same to mail but stands out and gives you more design space to play with.

Match your letterhead

People feel more trust and comfort when your stationery and business documents are consistent.  Use the same design and logo if you can and if you’re able then it is a good idea to create all of your forms and stationery designs together:  business cards, labels, envelopes etc..

Brand it 

Including your logo / branding increases credibility, particularly if the envelope contains important documents.  It tells the reader that you are an actual business.

Create a call to action

You have their attention, why not use it to its full potential.  Could you add your phone number or tell people to visit a web link?  It shows customers you are a modern and forthcoming business.  Or use the call to action to encourage the recipient to actually open the envelope! Maybe write something humerous which creates engagement with the letter and encourages opening.

print shop that also does graphic design can help to make recommendations for you to improve the look and engagement of your business envelopes.  They can recommend a look that is appropriate to your brand and a look ensures people open your letters.