Essential Tips for Custom Business Stationery

Need new stationery for your business?  Custom stationery can seem like a simple, less important part of your business, but the value and importance should not be underestimated.  Follow these essential tips to ensure your stationery works best for your business, and portrays it in the way you want.

Keep it simple

Your business stationery is like an ambassador for your brand.  It’s purpose isn’t to sell, but to give off the right impression, that you’re professional and ready to do business.  You don’t need to “win anyone over” with your stationery, just make them feel valued.

Keep images to a minimum, your logo alone should be sufficient.  Certainly avoid any clip art.  Consider a custom design.

For forms and letterheads, you don’t want to distract from the document itself, understated is definitely best.

Show seriousness with premium paper

Premium stationery says that you value what you do and are willing to invest in it.  Cheap paper can give off the wrong impression to business stakeholders; it’s a small investment that can enhance people’s perception of your business.  Customers can tell the difference from stationery printed on your office printer to that of a professional print shop.

Choose a good font

Use one or two fonts at most, and be sure that they are clearly legible when printed.  If printing costs are a consideration, consider font size and type that uses less ink such as Garamond or Courier New.

Different fonts are better for some types of stationery, when they are not suitable for others.  Speak to a graphic designer or local print shop for advice on the right fonts to use for your stationery.

Carefully consider color

Be careful about using too much color.  Keep to a minimal color palette; 1-2 or 3 at most should be sufficient.

Consistency is a must

Above all, keep your stationery consistent.  People will soon notice if there are any discrepancies.   Different designs and styles can confuse your customers and staff.  Consistency shows order and gives confidence to users of your stationery.  Keep the same colors, font and general layout if possible.

Show your character

For some businesses, going against the grain and showing off some character can pay off.  If your business presents a particular style, it can be worth using more unusual designs.

Check, check and check again

It should go without saying but nevertheless mistakes happen.  Typos and errors in your printed stationery can seriously harm your business perception and aren’t worth skipping a few extra minutes to double-check.

Stationery is more than a way of providing basic information about your business.  It’s a cost-effective way of leaving a long-lasting positive impression and showing off the way you want to be portrayed.