Reducing Print Run Costs With Limited Budget

Do you have a tight marketing budget that’s impacting your next printing run?  You can still produce high value prints and keep the costs down, without compromising on quality. We like to help our customers produce the best quality print items for their budget.  We’ve put together some ways you can keep print run costs […]

The Lowdown on Paper Weights

If you’ve ever bought paper, ordered printed business forms, posters or flyers then you’ve probably been given a choice of lbs.  This can all seem a little bit alien and rather than comparing the weight we might instead be swayed on the best price. But knowing what the different weights mean and the benefit of […]

Branded Pens – The Best Holiday Gift for Your Customers?

Giving a small token to customers at the holiday season is a nice and inexpensive gesture. It’s a small act of gratitude that can improve customer relations, extend brand awareness and increase the likelihood of future business. Perhaps the best promotional item to give away is the branded pen. Most people will use a pen […]

Branded Shopping Bag Printing in Milford

From 1st August 2019, single use shopping bags handed out by retail shops will carry a $0.10 charge by Connecticut law.  From July 2021 all single use plastic bags will be banned. As part of a global effort to cut down on plastic waste ending up in landfill and the sea, Connecticut has made a firm step […]