Branded Pens – The Best Holiday Gift for Your Customers?

Giving a small token to customers at the holiday season is a nice and inexpensive gesture. It’s a small act of gratitude that can improve customer relations, extend brand awareness and increase the likelihood of future business.

Perhaps the best promotional item to give away is the branded pen. Most people will use a pen if you give them one. That in itself is a great and efficient branding exercise. But what makes pens so beneficial to give away over other promotional items?

They are economical

Branded pens are inexpensive and durable, people tend to keep them for a long time.   The reminder of your business is always there. It’s highly unlikely they’ll throw it away and if they lose it your brand gets passed on to the finder.  In the long run this can result in a positive ROI as people become more familiar with and interested in your brand.

They’re almost viral

Pens exchange hands frequently. Your promotional pen can reach far more than the first person who receives it. The easy exchange introduces more people to your business name.

They are covert advertising

Branded pens don’t glare out as an advertisement.  People can use them, carry them and keep them on their desks without feeling like they’re constantly being marketed to, except they are.  They might not realize it but they are being constantly and subconsciously reminded of your brand and your business.  Even if they don’t need you now they may think of you when they need your services in the future.  There’s a lot of dwell time where people are using and interacting with pens, especially compared to some other products, which means more time for your name to sink into their thoughts.

They’re accepted

Most people will be happy to receive a pen, they’re always useful.  It’s a small gesture but people will remember being given it.  They may feel more valued and become more loyal customers in the long term.  They might feel more positive and warm to your business and as such be more captivated leads when you call them for business.

Easy to distribute

Pens are lightweight, small and cheap to mail.  They easily stuff in a pocket or bag, they’re not a burden for people to carry.  This all increases the chances of your pen continuing to be used, and not discarded.

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