5 Methods to Get More Leads from Your Business Cards

Despite the effectiveness of internet marketing, most business owners and entrepreneurs recognize the value business cards play in developing real-world connections.  No doubt they help to remind people how to get in touch with you after an encounter, but they can do so much more.

Instead of waiting for someone to decide to contact you via your business card, you can turn it into a powerful lead generation tool that turns them into a more powerful business prospect.

1. Respect your business card

This is one of the most crucial and straightforward things you can do to make your business cards more lead friendly.  When cards are flimsy, one-sided or quite frankly boring people care less about them.

When you respect your business cards, others do too and treat them with more value; it is perceived value that makes better leads.

Respect your business cards by choosing thicker card or premium finishes. Consider unique shapes or formats for your cards. Don’t just throw everything on there and hope for the best, think carefully about what it is you want from your business cards, how you can use them to generate leads and build the design and content around that.

2. Create a landing page for the card

Set up a landing page specifically for people who have your business cards.  Instead of just giving them your homepage, create a specific offer that makes them feel valued, and send them there.  You could personalize the page and thank them for interacting with you, make the page feel exclusive, that there is benefit in having your business card.

3. Give them value

People are more like to take interest in your business card when there is some kind of tangible benefit.  Simply having your contact details isn’t necessarily the most tangible of benefits; it doesn’t get people excited and neither does “call for a free evaluation”.

Some sort of value would be:

  • A free report (PDF) for people who have your business card (via a special link or QR code)
  • Free music download
  • Some kind of discount or special offer
  • An informative checklist or set of rules for your industry

4. Add a QR Code

Most people are comfortable browsing the internet and conducting business from their phone.  Make it easy for them with a scannable code to take them straight to your company website, contact form, social media or even a video.

Digital marketing is often about reducing steps to action.  Why not do that with your business card too?


5. Put in your reviews

Reviews are an expectation online. They create trust and limit barriers to lead conversion.  Most people value reviews as much as personal recommendations. Why not enjoy these same benefits in the real world?  Leave no doubt that you are the company for them.  You could put the stars, average rating and number of reviews on the back of the card.